Making Communication More Affordable

Enhancing Communication and Connectivity with Voice & Internet Services in durban

We offer comprehensive Voice & Internet Services in Durban, geared towards helping you and your team work faster, communicate better, and become more productive. If terms like FTTH, FTTB, ADSL, Broadband, Bandwidth, Contention, FUP, AUP, Wireless, LTE-A and VSAT, aren’t familiar to you and put you into instant panic, then don’t despair. We speak the lingo and can help you decipher and navigate through your business internet and communication needs. Simply share your problems with us and we’ll find you the right solutions. 

Reduce Operating Costs with One Service Provider to Manage Your Voice and Internet Needs.

Your Internet Options

Fibre, wireless, and LTE are all different ways that you can get internet access, and each comes with its own pros and cons – some options are faster, some require more time to set up, etc. We’ll talk you through them, assess your needs, and find the best option for your business and its connectivity and communication budget.




Your Voice Options

VOIP (Voice Over IP/Internet) has enabled cheaper telecommunication options that allows you to be more flexible with multi offices and remote workers. The catch is that it must be setup correctly to be reliable – we are here to help. Utilising your existing office network can also save you money when done right.

Uncapped Voice Plans

Pay-Per-Use Voice Plans

Office Handset

Remote Worker Handset

How We Can Help You

Our Internet and Communication Packages

We not only do once-off work, but also offer the option of ongoing voice and internet services that can help your business minimise internet interruptions and improve your connectivity. We offer Service Level Agreements that cater to different business budgets and infrastructure requirements. Speak to us to find out more about how you can secure monthly support.