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Computer Stress Syndrome is that terrible feeling you get when your computer decides to do its own thing, like bugging out to the blue screen of death just before you hear a death tick coming from your hard drive. Thoughts immediately begin to race through your mind: when last did you perform a data backup? Do you have that corporate presentation you’re due to give in a few minutes on a flash drive somewhere? If you run out the doors right now, could you make it to your car and towards the border before they realise you’ve left?At Stratus, our IT specialists in Durban take the stress out of computing and IT services by providing top-notch holistic IT solutions for both businesses and individuals alike. Our highly-trained IT technicians make it their business to ensure the efficient running of your business IT services – from managed IT services, to managed data backups, to business voice and internet services. Save precious time and money by outsourcing your entire IT department to Stratus IT!

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Managed IT Services

Need a company to sort out your IT issues before you even know about them? Outsource your IT department and make computer headaches a thing of the past!

Managed Data Backups

Ever thought about the costs of losing vital business information? We offer regular managed data backup services, ensuring that your business data is kept safe and sound!

Cloud Computing

Access all of your information from anywhere in the world, and on any device, with our professional cloud computing services! Outsource your server needs and save on costs!

Voice and Internet

Join the fibre internet revolution with Stratus IT. Save costs by combining your telephone and internet services with a single service provider – line rental services available!

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Some computer and IT issues you experience can be rectified in a few simple steps! Have a look at our frequently asked questions and see if you find a solution. If not, give us a call and we'll see if we can assist you!

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