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19th February 2018

Business IT Trends for 2018

Experts in the business technology field agree that with more global data privacy regulations, a steady rise in cybercrime, and the third world’s need for affordable […]
22nd January 2018
signal tower with clouded sky

Bringing the Internet to Everyone with LTE-Advanced

Welcome to 2018, a year that awards opportunities to climb higher, reach further and do more than we did before. Information Communication Technologies are facilitating this […]
10th November 2017
cloud cut out of paper

Cloud Computing Predictions Moving into 2018

Let’s face it, 2017 is all but over. When people look back on this period in history, cloud computing will certainly stand out as one of […]
17th October 2017
laptop in the clouds

What Exactly IS Cloud Computing?

There’s a long answer, and then there’s the short answer this article will share. It’s now become common language for IT professionals to use the  phrases […]
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