IT Managed Services Unpacked: What is IT Managed Services ?


IT managed services allow companies to outsource their IT needs to a dedicated IT management business on a subscription model. The development of MSP began in the 1990s and is now democratising Information Technology by giving start-ups and SMEs the ability to access IT systems that would otherwise be unaffordable to do in-house. Find out how IT managed services will help your business adapt to a rapidly changing world…

In-House IT vs IT Managed Services

The way we access everything from software to books has evolved! Think of the last time you saw a Blockbuster video store; they are few and far between now. This business model lost popularity because we’ve recognised that subscription services provide us with greater flexibility among other benefits. An example of this service model is Netflix, which has given us greater ease of access to programmes and movies we want to watch, more choice, saved us time and brought down costs.

But why should you adopt a subscription model for your IT?

• Creating your own in-house IT Team is costly! Subscribing to an IT service provider costs considerably less than funding your own team
• IT managed services will ensure you stay up-to-date in terms of tech and software updates without having to invest in upskilling your employees or upgrading you own systems
• You can breathe easy knowing your IT needs are being taken care of by a team of experienced professionals
• For small to medium businesses finding and hiring individuals is a time-consuming activity that you can avoid by outsourcing
• Worried about data safety? Companies who provide IT managed services are equipped to safely back-up data and restore it quickly if it is compromised.

IT Managed Services: Scalable, Reliable and Secure


One of the greatest pros of outsourcing your IT managed services is the flexibility it provides growing businesses. For SMEs, growth can be tumultuous which is why they need a solution which enables them to scale their IT up or down according to their budget and evolution. IT managed services make this possible! If you needed to increase your spend on certain IT services such as your back-up capacity this could be done in minutes without downtime for your business.


Instead of using the old break/fix ethos, modern companies who provide IT managed services have a finger-on-the-pulse strategy which includes monitoring your network health, carrying out preventative maintenance and keeping your network and systems secure. This allows them to deal efficiently with any problems that come up before they affect you.


Cyberattacks are growing increasingly more sophisticated as we saw with the WannaCry Ransomware attack in May and Petya in June 2017. Your company needs security that is implemented by experts, uses up-to-date programs and can be rolled out immediately in the event of an attack. This applies on a day to day basis too; being hacked or picking up a virus will make you vulnerable and could cause downtime and unnecessary expense unless you are sufficiently protected. IT service providers are equipped with latest in internet security including anti-virus protection, third party patching and firewall solutions.

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