5 Reasons Your Business Needs Fibre Internet


Slow internet is corrosive to business efficiency and productivity. It’s a good thing then that internet connectivity is evolving to meet our ever-growing need for faster internet speeds, as more and more of our business functions move online. Don’t get left behind the curve, find out why your business needs fibre internet

Improve work productivity

There is nothing more frustrating than sluggish internet. Waiting for pages to slowly load brings back memories of the notorious 90’s dial-up tone. No one should have to relive that trauma. But in all seriousness fibre’s 50Mbps -100Mbps speeds will make sending emails, loading emails and working online easier and allow your employees to get more done and complete work faster with less frustration.

No Internet Down Time

Fibre optic cables are significantly more robust than copper cables, they are immune to glitches and damage caused by bad weather conditions. You’re also unlikely to be left sitting without internet because somebody up the road decided to liberate the copper cabling to sell. With fibre your business will experience less, if any, internet downtime. This will give you the peace of mind that you can perform business operations with consistency.

More Efficient Communication

Companies increasingly rely on long distance communication tools such as Skype and GoToMeeting now that businesses are trying to streamline costs and conduct business in a global community. Sub-standard internet connections can result in poor call quality and bad audio. These problems in turn will inhibit online business meetings.
Fibre internet is 50X faster than the fastest DSL. By moving to a fibre internet connection you can expect top quality video conferences, more productive VOIP meetings and you will be able to conduct training and seminars with ease.

Get the Most out of the Cloud

Online business functions and data storage services are moving onto the cloud and 82% of organisations use the cloud for a variety of hardware and software solutions. The cloud by its nature requires high functioning internet connectivity. The more your business comes to rely on cloud services, the better your internet will need to perform.
With fibre your business can benefit in accessing cloud-hosted documents via your software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools faster. This will help your employees communicate more effectively and access important information at their convenience without delays.

Better Bandwidth

Fibre offers significantly faster bandwidth and unlike current internet connections it won’t get slower when higher demands are put on the network. Activities such as file sharing and cloud applications, which are part and parcel of the work day, can put pressure on your network and result in slow internet speeds.
Want to streamline your business and improve productivity? Join the fibre internet revolution with Stratus IT and enjoy your fastest internet ever…

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