Voice and Internet

Save costs by combining your business or home voice and internet services with one service provider!

Join the Fibre Internet Revolution

Your fastest internet ever!

The future of broadband technology is here - Fibre optic broadband brings you ultra-fast, reliable and affordable internet solutions at the speed of light. Up to 50X faster than the fastest DSL, fibre will revolutionise the way you use internet at home and in the office. No more buffering or lag! If you depend on high-speed internet access and an uninterrupted connection that can support all your devices, then fibre is for you.

We offer a line rental service for all Fibre bundles

Fibre Benefits:

  • 50Mbps -100Mbps speeds means no-one is going to hog the bandwidth
  • Download and upload large files, games and movies in seconds
  • Unparalleled conference calling, gaming and streaming capabilities
  • No frustrating and costly downtime due to weather or copper wire theft
  • Affordable internet.

Plug and Play with Wireless

Your internet unchained!

Want the freedom to surf the web and work while you’re on the go? With wireless broadband, you can. If you live in an area that has a wireless network, then you can avoid the cost and fuss of installing a landline - just plug and play! Faster than 3G, wireless enjoys supercharged speeds of up to 90Mbps for downloads and 25Mbps for uploads. Discover if wireless is available where you live today…

Wireless Benefits:

  • Save money on line rental and installations
  • Login in to the service and start roaming right away
  • More mobility and freedom in your home and on the go.

Pick ADSL for Super Affordable Broadband

Hassle-free broadband

We have a range of cost effective capped and uncapped ADSL packages to meet all your home and business internet needs. Discover a simple, fast and effective internet solution that suits your budget and lifestyle. Our packages let your employees or family enjoy superior bandwidth consistently. No need to juggle multiple providers, we’ve got you covered for line rental and modems too! Contact us now to get your hassle-free broadband.

We offer a line rental service for all ADSL bundles

Capped vs Uncapped ADSL

Find the right ADSL for you!

Capped ADSL

Capped ADSL has a set limit and once that’s reached, your internet is switched off until you purchase additional data or the 1st of the month arrives, whichever happens first.

This is the perfect solution for you if you prefer a fixed budget for ADSL costs and you use the same amount of ADSL every month, on average.

Uncapped ADSL

Uncapped ADSL has no set limit; you will never run out of cap during the month.
You pay for the speed at which you access data, not for the amount of data you use.

A great option if the amount of data you use a month varies and you don't want to constantly monitor your usage or top-up.

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