All You Need to Know About Fibre Internet


With the internet absolutely booming as an industry in Southern Africa, more and more homes are being awarded access to cheaper internet access. We live on our digital devices these day, downloading emails to our phones and calling our far-flung family members using data-based communication applications. It is vital to have reliable internet access to both the home and the business, and for this reason fibre internet has emerged as a superior service over the outdated copper telephone lines still widely used today. Stratus IT takes a look at what exactly fibre internet is, the benefits of fibre internet over DSL internet, and how to join the fibre internet revolution in Durban…

What is Fibre Internet?

Traditional internet access to the home or business relies heavily on copper telephone cables that run underground. These cables meet up at a hub for the suburb, then get distributed to the houses which end up as telephone lines. The problem with copper cabling is twofold: first, copper has value as a scrap commodity and thus telephone cables are often stolen and sold off. Second, the transfer of data through copper is rather slow.

Fibre internet fixes both issues in one movement. While still operating similarly to the traditional system, fibre cables are comprised of hundreds of thin glass inner cables that have no value as a scrap commodity. Therefore, they are not sought after and have less chance of being stolen. Second, fibre internet technology uses light to transfer data along the glass cables, making data speeds astronomically faster than copper cabling.

The Benefits of Fibre Internet

As far as business internet goes, this article titled 5 reasons your business needs fibre sheds much light on the business benefits of fibre internet. As far as residential fibre internet benefits go, after reading these benefits, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t think of joining the fibre revolution sooner:

• 50 megabytes per second to 100 megabytes per second speeds means multiple internet users can perform multiple online activities without a drop in bandwidth.

• Download and upload large files, games and movies in a matter of seconds.

• Stream your favourite shows without having to wait for buffering, ever.

• No frustrating internet downtime due to copper cable theft.

Fibre Internet in Durban

Since Durban is one of South Africa’s biggest metropolitans, it is considered a fibre internet priority, with lines being installed across most suburbs at a rate of knots. Should you wish to find out more about the fibre internet revolution, or whether or not fibre internet is available in your area, feel free to get in touch with Stratus IT today!

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