Combating Computer Stress Syndrome


In 2010, an American thinktank decided to undertake a study of the communications sector – specifically looking at computers and the occasional angst they cause us. A Customer Experience Board created by the Chief Marketing Officer Council surveyed more than 1,000 individuals living in North America, looking into how customers using information technologies can be kept happy in the highly competitive communications sector. There were so many respondents complaining about computer-related issues they had experienced, they realised that computer stress is not just a small issue faced by computer users the world over – it’s a full-blown syndrome.

Internal Storage and Server Failure

Whether you’re relying on an internal computer hard-drive, an external hard-drive, a collection of flash drives or a server to store your important information – losing access to this due to a storage device malfunction is more than likely going to cause you some major computer stress. Sometimes you can retrieve your information, but more times than not you’ll have to wave goodbye to all your important documents, videos, photographs, and the like. The good news is that by outsourcing your data storage to an IT company offering regular managed backup services, you can rest easy when your hard-drive crashes with the knowledge that your information is safe and sound on a third-party server.

Loss of Internet Connectivity

If you haven’t joined the fibre internet revolution yet, you’re in for some serious computer stress at some point in time! Copper cable theft and changes in weather are both able to negatively affect your internet connectivity – the latter will slow your download and upload speed substantially, and the former will prevent access to the internet entirely! With fibre internet to your business or home, you experience no downtime unless you reach your capped internet quota for the month. Going uncapped is even better, as this – coupled with fibre internet capabilities – means you never have to worry about a loss of internet connection at all!

Firewall Breaches and Virus Contraction

With professional IT managed services, you can sleep easy knowing that your computers in your network are fully protected from malicious software with regularly updated anti-virus protection! When outsourcing your IT services to a third-party IT company, you receive a wide range of IT managed services that keep your computer systems in check with preventative maintenance, network health reviews, operating system patches and fully managed firewall solutions. Essentially, your chosen IT solutions provider can identify and rectify computer-related headaches before you even know about them!

Cure Your Computer Stress with Stratus IT

Looking to save money on hardware costs, IT services, voice solutions and internet? Outsource your IT department to us for IT managed services, managed data backups, voice and internet services (including line rentals), and cloud computing. Get in touch with our IT and cloud computing specialists and make computer stress syndrome a thing of the past!

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