Managed Backups

Managed Backup Services in South Africa

What would it cost your business if you lost your critical data? Your business data is the lifeblood of your company, and the amount of data you are collecting and storing is growing all the time! Imagine the negative impact losing a day, week or months’ worth of information would have due to infrequent backups. Implementing a managed backup service from StratusIT will ensure that your data is backed up on a regular basis – likely costing you less than your monthly phone bill! Fear not, we are here to back you up with our perfected Managed Backup solutions.


75% of small and midsize businesses rank data loss
as the most significant risk to their business

Benefits of our Managed Backup Services

  • Data Backup Brings Peace of Mind
    Thanks to centralised management and monitoring by our dedicated NOC team, you can rest easy knowing that your business data is safe and being handled by experts – allowing you more time to focus on your business!
  • Safeguard Your Business Information
    Since our backup service takes backups of any changes, you will be able to recover older revisions should you need them.
  • Ensure Your Business’ Continuity
    Backup your most critical business applications and programs to ensure that you have quick access to restore systems that would have an impact on your day-to-day operations should they be compromised.
  • Increased Productivity, Decreased Downtime
    With our rapid restore capabilities, when your systems go down, your business can continue to run as normal without having to shut down for a lengthy period of time.
  • Detailed Backup Reporting Information
    You will never have wonder how safe your data really is! We will provide you with monthly reports pertaining to your data and the safety thereof.

Why Clients Choose Our Managed Backup Services

Join the many satisfied clients who already use StratusIT managed backup solutions! Here’s why our clients choose us to back them up:

Reduced Costs

  • Less storage space needed
  • Less bandwidth required
  • Recover to dissimilar hardware if needed

Improved Productivity

  • Backup more data in less time
  • Minimise downtime with faster restore times

Increased Awareness

  • Detailed monthly reports on backup status
  • Centralised NOC management and monitoring by our engineering team

Increased Confidence

  • Backups are always scheduled and managed by experts
  • Regular backups minimise business downtime in the event of data loss

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