3 Ways to Extend Your UPS Battery Life


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With load shedding looming large and causing massive cuts in working hours, and thus productivity, businesses – especially SMEs – need all the backup they can get. They also need to make sure that their backups don’t let them down and that they can get the most out of these often-expensive independent power systems that they use.

As one of the most common backup systems, UPSs allow your team to quickly save and finish up what they’re doing just after load shedding hits. However, these super helpful devices are not without their limits, and typically last between 2-3 years (depending on their battery capacity and quality). They also need to be maintained and cared for correctly in order for them to perform as they should.

One thing that’s really important for business owners or managers to keep in mind, is that their UPS batteries may be more volatile than they realise. Without proper care, their UPS batteries may fall short of the expected 2–3-year lifespan. To help you avoid any drop in longevity, we’ve jotted down three important ways to extend your UPS battery life.

1.Get Your Temperature Control… Under Control

UPS batteries are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. This means that it’s important to store your UPSs in the right location – that being a cool, dry place (damp and drafty areas are a big no!). Any temperature above 25˚C will put your battery at risk, and every 8˚ C temperature increase could cut your battery life in half.

When setting up your UPS (something that we can do for you) it’s wise to leave room around it (about 5cm all around) to allow it to ‘breathe’, allowing airflow to dissipate heat.

2.Avoid Over-Charging Your Batteries

Avoid overcharging your batteries, as this can reduce your battery life significantly. When your battery dies (or is fully discharged) it is crucial that you recharge it within 48 hours to prevent damage. 

3.Don’t Forget to Calibrate Your Batteries

As batteries age, their runtime estimates can become less accurate. Calibration can help increase runtime accuracy and give you a more realistic idea of the state that your batteries are in, allowing you to respond quicker to any issues that require maintenance and, thus, prolong battery life. Software experts, such as ourselves, can help you with this process.

Note: Only perform calibration once or twice a year, depending on battery size, as too many calibrations can reduce your UPS battery life.

We hope you’ve found these 3 ways to extend your UPS battery life helpful. By simply adhering to these actions, you are certain to get the most out of these backup devices!

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about these systems, need UPSs installed, or require UPS maintenance – we’re more than happy to help!

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