What to Look for in an IT Support Company


With the rise of the smart device, and with few parts of the planet yet to be introduced to the internet, one can safely say that information technology has become a standard feature in our everyday lives. Our business sectors now require the internet in order to keep the global economy functional, while complex networks and servers ensure that important business information is kept safe from prying eyes and fingertips. The more we rely on technologies to make our business and residential lives easier – the greater our need becomes for specialists to manage and repair any issues that might arise. This is where IT support companies come in…

They Listen to Your Needs

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to IT support. If there was, it wouldn’t be called support. IT support needs to be more about the specific client’s context, and less about simply trying to get a contract signed. This takes empathy, or deep understanding of the concerns raised by a client. Your perfect IT support company should be able to listen, understand, and offer solutions based on specific issues or concerns raised – as well as make themselves available to you when you need them.

They Offer You More

While offering information technology support is a core function of an IT support company, this shouldn’t be the only service they offer. In order to minimise the need for third party service providers, your ideal IT support company should be able to offer you managed data backups, cloud computing functionality, as well as voice and internet solutions. This means you can enjoy dealing with one single provider for all your IT management, backup, telephony and connectivity requirements!

They Talk Your Language

Ever heard of an IMAP? What about a CMOS or an executable? Your ideal IT support company shouldn’t speak in acronyms and IT lingo all the time – or you’ll have no idea what they’re telling you! Choose a service provider that cares about your complete understanding of their services, and who are able to explain information technology in terms the layman can understand. In doing so, IT support companies ensure that clients know exactly what IT solutions they need and why they need it – allowing for greater transparency.

They Want to Help You Grow

Whether you’re running a large national organisation, or you’re starting your business from the ground floor – you are probably interested in consistent growth. This allows you to take your business from strength to strength, and you should be trying to partner with service providers that can facilitate this business growth. Your perfect IT support company is the one that wants to help your business grow, and who does everything in their power to get you to where you want to be. This means that scalability is an essential service your ideal IT support company should offer.

Bespoke IT Support in Durban

Your organisation deserves understanding, dedication and effective IT solutions from an IT support company. At Stratus IT, we offer bespoke IT solutions that fit your specific requirements – with dedicated IT support as a bonus! We take pride in our work, and we’re dedicated to facilitating business growth in every organisation we operate in. To find out what Stratus IT can do for you, simply get in touch with us right here!

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