Speed Up Your Work with This Ultimate Keyboard Shortcut List for Windows PCs


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If there’s a quicker and easier way to do something than why not take a shortcut? No, we’re not talking about shortcuts in life – we’re talking about keyboard shortcuts for Windows PCs that help you carry out a task in a flash! You are certain to impress your co-workers, employees, or friends with these time-saving shortcuts:

Shortcuts for your Windows PC

  • Ctrl+Z: Made a mistake? No problem! Simply, undo your error by simultaneously pressing Ctrl & the letter Z.
  • Ctrl+W: Quickly close whatever you are working on with this shortcut (but be sure to use the save shortcut first 😉).
  • Ctrl+A: Select all the text or Excel columns and rows by pressing Ctrl & the letter A.
  • F5: Refresh your page with the push of one key (if only life had this shortcut 😆).
  • Windows+L: Stop Curious Kates from snooping around on your PC and press the Windows key (which can be found at the bottom of your keyboard) simultaneously with the letter L before you leave your laptop or PC to ensure no one can access it.  
  • Ctrl+N: – Want a new window or folder to magically appear? Try this cool shortcut.
  • F11: Maximise whatever window you are currently viewing to full screen mode for better reading.
  • Ctrl+T: Pushing Ctrl & the letter T will open up a new tab, so you don’t forget to read that article you want to read later.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Escape: When all else fails to respond, Task Manager is there to save the day! Simultaneously select the Ctrl + Shift + Escape keys to access your Task Manager.
  • Win+Print Screen: Need a screenshot of the entire screen to help explain an issue or provide evidence? Simply use that ever-useful Windows key & Print Screen key.
  • Win+Shift+S: Only need to capture a small section of your screen? Select the Windows Key simultaneously with the Shift key & the letter S key, and drag your mouse to capture the section of your screen you wish to share or save.
  • Shift+Arrow Key: Select the Windows key, the Shift key & the letter S key to highlight a portion of text.
  • Ctrl+(Plus key or Minus key): It’s so easy to zoom in or out of the screen you are viewing and make the text or image you are viewing larger or smaller with this cool shortcut!
  • Alt+D: Select the address bar in your browser or search engine (where you would usually add in website address/URL). This shortcut helps you select this quickly rather than clicking on it in order to paste the URL you need in there or to start a search.
  • Ctrl+S: Save your work quickly while crunching in the work before the ever-dreaded load shedding hits.
  • Windows+Full stop: Add in emoticons to make your text more emotive 😱🤩😁 and to stop your sensitive co-worker from getting the wrong message with some gestural cues.

We hope that we have opened your eyes to a whole new time-saving strategy. If you have more time savers on the keyboard for a Windows PC, please leave them in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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