The Business Benefits of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing relies on a hosted service delivery model which offers you off-premise IT services. This gives SME’s and larger businesses the ability to radically change the way they run their businesses, store data, communicate and go online. Want to get the most out of your IT budget and increase ROI? Discover the benefits of connecting your business to the cloud…

Save Your Capital

Having your IT as a hosted service means lower capital investments. Your business will not have to put up large amounts of capital for new software licences, infrastructure and servers to meet your growing company’s needs.  This investment model means businesses have more flexibility as they are now consumers of IT services as opposed owners.

Painless maintenance

Prior to cloud computing, a huge amount of resources and man power had to be dedicated to simply keeping a company’s PC systems up and running. Outsourcing this task will free IT professionals up to do more beneficial work and your upgrades and maintenance costs will decrease significantly.

Mobile Generation

Cloud services are a god send in terms of the mobility and flexibility they provide companies. Employees will be able to work from almost any location, as documents, databases, client files and communication apps such as skype will be accessible provided they have internet. This will boost your employee’s productivity and save travel costs.

Greater IT Security

Improve your companies defences with cloud computing services! Your data storage will be managed by industry experts, who offer disaster backup services and can remotely limit your data if there has been a breach. They will also to be able to provide the latest preventive approaches in IT security. Professional cloud computing companies can provide your business with a level of security that your individual business would struggle to recreate.

Join the Cloud

Stratus IT provides a cloud storage solution that can replace or complement your existing infrastructure and back-up procedures. Get cloud computing services you can trust! Contact us today for more information…

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