How to Integrate Your Business IT Services


With the recent developments in South Africa’s economic climate, more and more businesses are looking to save costs where they can in order to keep their growth of profit on the up and up. One smart way they are doing this is by outsourcing multiple organisational functions to a single company who offer a range of services that would otherwise have to be performed by internal departments and individuals on their payroll. In this digital age we live in, an organisation’s business IT services are vital for its proper functioning and efficacy in the technologically advanced marketplace. Have a look at the various business IT services your business can benefit from, and why it’s better to outsource these to one single company…

Managed IT Services

A company providing managed IT services will be dedicated to your business and its various IT requirements – offering day-to-day support both via remote helpdesks and on-site assistance, as well as security solutions to safeguard your computers from malicious software. Managed IT services include IT hardware sales and repairs, anti-virus protection, managed firewalls, as well as performance monitoring of your entire business IT network. This allows you to outsource your company’s IT requirements for a fraction of what it would cost to employ a full-time IT department.

Business Data Backups

Did you know that 75-percent of businesses rank data loss as the most significant risk to their business? The truth is that the remaining 25-percent are more than likely utilising a third-party IT company to back up their critical business data – rendering critical data loss about as probable for their organisations as being hacked by a toddler using a LeapPad. Off-site business data backups mean that your important organisational information is inaccessible and secure should your company suffer a large-scale hack, theft of IT equipment, or natural disaster such as fire or flooding.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a data storage revolution that has negated the need for large servers with terabytes of space on your business premises. The hardware required to setup and maintain a data storage server is expensive, and a full-time IT technician would need to be employed to oversee the data storage operation. By outsourcing your business data storage requirements to a data hosting company, you are able to access your business information from any device at any point in time – no matter where you are in the world!

Business Voice and Internet

An internet connection to the modern business is like fuel for an automobile – without it, you won’t get very far. Thanks to this modern digital age we operate in, and the emergence of third-party internet and telephone service providers, you don’t need to go through state-owned organisations to remain connected. Outsourcing your business voice and internet requirements to an internet and telephone services provider allows you access to line rental services, fibre internet capabilities, capped and uncapped ADSL packages, and wireless broadband internet for your business.

One Provider for All Your Business IT Services

Save your business both time and money, and ensure that your company remains connected 24/7, by outsourcing your business IT services to Stratus IT. We are able to provide all of the above IT services, and more. Futureproof your business with outsourced IT services today!

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