Business IT Trends for 2018


Experts in the business technology field agree that with more global data privacy regulations, a steady rise in cybercrime, and the third world’s need for affordable internet connectivity – the IT industry has to adapt… fast! We’re taking a look at three IT trends shaking up the business world in 2018 below:

Edge Computing

IT Trends – Laptop Computer Open on Desk

In our article about the new LTE-Advanced technology Stratus IT will have a hand in distributing throughout KwaZulu-Natal, we take a look at how LTE-A, an EDGE-based connectivity technology, is revolutionising mobile business practices in 2018.

5G is the buzzword in 2018, as lightning fast internet connectivity becomes a reality for underprivileged communities where DSL connectivity isn’t possible yet.

This mobile connectivity allows for increased mobility, as well as real-time processing, which greatly increases the efficiency of mobile business outfits.

Quantum Cryptography

IT Trends – Blue and Black Binary Code Vortex

Data protection is a hot topic these days, and in an effort to ensure iron-clad protection IT industry leaders are changing the very building blocks of computing. We’re about to move from mathematics-based systems to physics-based systems.

A feature of this fundamental shift is the rise of quantum cryptography, a data protection method called Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) that enables the creation of a message unreadable to everyone else except the specific intended recipient.

The system sends a message in the form of photons which will actually change itself should it be intercepted on route to its recipient.

Mobile Zero Clients

IT Trends – Hard Drives Racked in a Server Room

With more mobile and flexible work practices expected for 2018, data security becomes a focal point. Mobile business involves the use of laptops, smart phones, and other portable devices. Up until now, data has predominantly been stored directly on the device.

This means that should the device itself become compromised, hacked, or stolen – that data is as good as gone. Mobile zero, as in storing zero data on the mobile device, will utilise a cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) where all mobile business data will be stored on remote servers instead.

So, companies that utilise mobile zero technology can ensure that all clients’ data is kept protected against malware and security breaches should the mobile business device be stolen or lost.

At Stratus IT, we take the protection of our client data rather seriously! To learn more about the above IT trends for 2018 and what we’re doing to keep your precious information safe – get in touch with us here!

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