Our Managed Backup Services Process


Arguably our most essential service is Managed Backup Solutions And it’s easy to understand why – data is the lifeblood of any business, and data loss can be devastating! A Paragon Software Group study reveals that one in five small businesses have experienced data loss that caused significant impact on the business. And this report reveals that an astonishing seven out of ten firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year! Don’t let your business become a victim of data loss…BACK IT UP! Here’s what you can expect from our Managed Backup Services Process…

What is a Managed Backup Solution
Backing up is quite simply the process of copying and archiving data so that it may be restored should a data loss event occur. To guarantee the full recovery of your business data, you need to implement a proper data backup system and, what’s more, make sure that that system is monitored to ensure data is indeed backed up when it’s scheduled. That’s where an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) comes in.

How Does Stratus IT Manage Data Backups?
We work with our clients to implement the best backup solution for their particular needs. Here’s how that process unfolds…

Bringing You on Board as a Client
We’ll perform a technical evaluation of the risks of your business’ data. Then, we’ll present our findings and specify the right backup solution for your particular needs, for example, a Simple Off-Site File Backup or a Full Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

The Steps to Get You Backed Up
We’ll schedule a project to configure your backup solution, with the initial off-site synchronisation to our secure cloud server. It’ll be ‘business as usual’ on your end, while our team monitors the successful daily backups. We’ll advise you if there are any concerns.

Dealing with ‘Disaster Strikes’ Scenarios
Here are some common potential data loss scenarios, and how we can resolve them…

Q: What if I accidentally lose or delete a file?

A: We’ll jump in and provide you with a restored version in no time!

Q: What if the entire server goes down, and I’m covered for a file backup solution?

A: We’ll provide you with quick online access to retrieve important documents, and then provide the rest on a hard drive so that you can continue working. We’ll also assist with any further plans.

Q: What if the entire server fails, and I’m covered for full system disaster recovery?

A: We’ll restore the entire server into our data centre and provide you with access so that you can continue working. This gives us time to consult with you to provide options for repairing or replacing your failed server, or – as a long-term solution – hosting your server in our cloud data centre.

Don’t take a chance on data loss! Get in touch with us to find out about our IT Managed Backup Services…

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