Fast and Affordable Business Backups

Without Business Backup Services Your Hard Work is at Risk

Frequent backups are a necessity for a business of any size, and those who don’t action this task or take it seriously, jeopardise their company’s success by leaving it vulnerable to data loss. Data is the lifeblood of your business, and so this precious resource should be treated with care and should be managed frequently. But knowing how to efficiently and effectively back up your data, and the best software to use is another hurdle a business owner must overcome. Let us take care of these details for you and help secure your livelihood with monthly business backup services that are super affordable.

What We Do for You

We use industry-leading data protection tools to backup data from Physical Servers, Virtual Machines, Microsoft 365 Mailboxes, SharePoint, and OneDrive to a secure offsite location.

Your data that is backed up is stored in a secure cloud location. It is encrypted in transit and at rest to ensure data integrity is kept.

Backup Services That Are Cheaper Than Your Monthly Phone Bill

Ways You Can Lose Your Data

Devices to Back up Your Data

Flash Drives | Hard Drives | Cloud Storage

While flash drives and hard drives are commonly used to back up data, they aren’t always the best solutions due to storage limits, the fact that they could easily get into the wrong hands, and how vulnerable they are to damage or theft. We use cloud storage to safeguard your data from such threats.

Just How Safe Is My Data?

We will never leave you in the dark as to the safety of your data. As part of our backup services, we provide our clients with detailed monthly reports for peace of mind.

Data Backup Service Benefits

Data Recovery

We can recover your data to anywhere. If your server has failed, we can recover this to a cloud server permanently, or until your onsite server is replaced. This gives you time to make the best decision of replacement while being able to keep your business functioning.