Helping You Grow with Outsourced IT

Stress Less with Managed IT Services

If you’re tired of fixing everything yourself or need an always-available IT expert because your business is growing and encountering issues beyond a pace you can handle, then you may want to consider outsourcing your IT work and making use of our managed IT services. Our team know the technical challenges that businesses face and are equipped to address these efficiently to minimise interruption and downtime. By taking on our services, you’ll have ongoing support that frees up your time and helps you focus on what you do best, giving you the means to scale up and grow. Outsource the stress and let our proactive team fix your IT issues before you even know about them!

What You Get with Managed IT

Premium SLAs personalised for you

We can centre our Premium SLAs around you and your business needs, providing you with first-rate IT services that cover day-to-day IT support, managed anti-virus solutions, secure cloud backups, and more. 

Ensuring Your Security

We’ll assist you with security solutions such as anti-virus management, operating system security enhancements and industry best practices to ensure you are protected. 

Offering You Proactive Services

We’re always on the lookout for ways to add value to your business with our IT services, such as server maintenance, proactive backups, software updates, email systems with anti-spam, network checks & support and improved solutions. 

Fully Managing Your IT Needs

We become your IT Management Team, as if you had us in your office. From your technology strategy, to the simplest update or IT fix, to more time-consuming jobs that require advanced trouble-shooting and dedicated focus, we’re here for you. 

IT Assessment

Not sure which IT solutions will best serve your business? Let us evaluate your IT needs and offer you an IT ASSESSMENT.

Standby Support with Stratus Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Avoid IT pain points costing you productivity and money by allowing our team to collaborate with your business on a fully comprehensive Premium SLA or a Tailor-Made Basic SLA. These agreements vary in terms of pricing and services offered. However, they help ensure that we are able to offer you dedicated support, which priorities your company’s IT needs.

What Can Go Wrong without Ongoing IT Services?

You can lose valuable data

Threats such as viruses, ransomware, and human error can compromise your system security and cause you to lose sensitive business information, which could threaten your ability to earn income and impact compliance. 

You can ruin your company’s reputation

Slow and failing systems can impact your service ability, costing you clients and the ability to scale. Data breaches can lead to yours and your company’s sensitive information being exposed and breaching confidentiality agreements or trade secrets. 

You can lose time and, therefore, money

Failing to back up your data and manage your backups properly could mean that you have to start from scratch and redo your work. Failing to renew your software licensed can render essential programs unusable and lead to unwanted downtime. And the same can be said for failing to maintain your hardware, with it leading to unnecessary damage that spells more downtime.

What We Can Offer You

Whichever service package you choose, you are guaranteed to get these Managed IT Services:

General IT Support

Security Solutions

Performance Monitoring

Managed IT Services FAQs

Stratus IT handles the purchase of hardware and software. We also spec the right equipment for our clients and handle the delivery phase to ensure the smooth function of our clients’ IT wants and needs.

Included in our contracts is a team of various levels of IT-skilled personnel for which the comparative costs of employing the same level will be prohibitive. Experience can save you money in the long run. Plus, the additional software/licensing you would have to purchase anyway, is included in our services. Give us a call to discuss how this applies to your business – you might be able to do both.

Our main function is to become your IT Partner and manage your technology and the core infrastructure and support. We may be able to take over some of your services (and save you money) – as for the rest, we are here to consult and advise. If you are having a meeting with a specific software vendor, we’re here to join you.